Zombie Clash 3d

1.2/5 - (50 votes)
Zombie Clash 3d Zombie Clash 3d

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1.2/5 - (50 votes)
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Zombie Clash 3d Game


ZOMBIE CLASH 3D is an improved version of the world-famous Zombie Apocalypse game. Only in this game there are many more possibilities.
The game has a large number of levels of varying difficulty. This game will help to be 100% in the world of zombies.
On Halloween, a group of Harlequins are trying to take back an abandoned circus from the evil Zombies. And it is up to you to help them! Arm yourself with a deadly double-barreled shotgun or a special crossbow that shoots explosive arrows, and work your way to victory! Watch out for vicious zombies and be ready for a fierce fight back! Try to steal the dummy scarecrow from the Circus of Madness and deliver it to the enemy base to win. Upgrade your weapons and unlock gold skins. Shoot as many zombies as you can this Halloween and make it to the top of the rankings.


High quality GFX.
Smooth 3D action.
Multiplayer mode. Cartoonish art style.


WASD – move.
SPACE – jump.
C – crouch.
RMB – aim.
TAB – point table