Battle within Coronavirus

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Battle within Coronavirus Battle within Coronavirus

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Battle within Coronavirus Game


BATTLE WITHIN CORONAVIRUS the name and origin of this game is known to all. Unfortunately, a terrible virus has appeared in the world and everyone had to fight it. But thanks to this game you will do it virtually, and without any harm to your real life.
The essence of the game:
Protect your body and your patient’s body from the coronavirus!
In the game you are in charge of a modern healing system that uses small drones in the form of spaceships to fight disease, and right now you are protecting a patient from the coronavirus! You start with a basic spaceship and must navigate through the body and defeat all the viruses that get in your way. As you progress through each level, you’ll earn gems that can be used to buy newer and stronger ships (6 ships total) as well as to upgrade your existing ships. To complete all 40 levels and defeat the viruses that appear on every fifth level, you’ll have to put a lot of effort. You will also earn bonuses during the game. Such bonuses include: scatter shot, rapid fire, star bomb, healing and others that can be very useful. Do your best and try to save the patient before it is too late! Also the game has amazing graphics and visuals!
We are sure that you will enjoy playing it! Good luck in the fight against the virus!


Tap with your finger on your mobile device or with your mouse on your PC.