Biozombie Outbreak

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Biozombie Outbreak Biozombie Outbreak

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5/5 - (2 votes)
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Biozombie Outbreak Game


BIOZOMBIE OUTBREAK is a game for fans of zombies, scary spectacles and blood. Spooky, isn’t it? Then read the game description and hurry up and start playing!
In this game, there is an intense shooting of zombies, thirsty for blood on the streets of the city. To defeat them, you have to use different weapons to shoot all the arriving zombies and try to survive. The game is timed, but don’t worry, if you’re a fast and nimble shooter, you’ll succeed!


WASD – move. LMB – to shoot. RMB – aim. Mouse wheel – to change weapon. R – reload. Space bar – jump. P – Pause. G – Grenade.