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Funny Shooter Funny Shooter

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1.4/5 - (11 votes)
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FUNNY SHOOTER is a game for real shooters! If you love shooting and think you do it better than anyone else, this game will help you discover your potential and prove it not only to yourself, but also to others!
In the game you have to choose one weapon out of the 18 available. Protect yourself from an invasion of enemies. Enemies are different, they differ in size and strength. Important: Avoid enemy grenades and pitchforks. Dodge blows from clubs, axes and chainsaws. Destroy enemies with grenade launchers and bazookas. Shoot them with machine guns and pistols. Destroy them all!!!


beautiful graphics.
different weapons.
exciting gameplay.
driving music and great sound effects


Mouse – look around.
WASD – move.
W + Shift – run.
Space bar – jump.
Left mouse button – shoot.
Right mouse button (hold)/ aim.
Mouse wheel – next/leading weapon.
1-7 – weapon hotkeys.
R – reload.
F – knife attack 1.
Q – knife attack 2.
G – to throw a grenade.
T – examine weapon.
E – remove/remove weapon.