Real Shooting Fps Strike

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Real Shooting Fps Strike Real Shooting Fps Strike

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Real Shooting Fps Strike Game


Real Shooting Fps Strike is a sniper 3d online game, the number one platform game in this section. Real Shooting Fps Strike is designed for fans of FPS. Love snipers and want to feel in their role? Then this game is for you! Go into battle and destroy all your enemies as commandos to save the world. The game features 30 different maps, new weapons and new game modes. We are sure that you will enjoy the arena of new and terrorist war games in this free-to-play game. Play this fantastic new fps game to show off your target shooting skills. Shoot heavy and auxiliary weapons as a first-person shooter.
Gameplay and Missions:
In this shooting game, you must complete each level to advance to the next. Real shooting Fps strike is a mission game; you have to kill all the enemies in the mission, after each level you will be rewarded with money. With this money you can buy and upgrade weapons and make yourself stronger. Each weapon has a price; the price depends on its capabilities, such as good rate of fire, excellent handling and accuracy. This is a pistol game, so you can move around the free map and kill enemies with your arsenal; you can crouch and twirl to dodge enemy bullets and kill enemies. In this game you need to complete all levels to complete the storyline; it’s a game with Real HD visuals and excellent sound quality. When you first start the game, you will strive to kill all enemies and acquire all weapons to become invincible. If you love to play fighting games and first person shooters, counter-terrorism games! Then waste no time and play this new first person shooter game. This action game will give you a lot of realistic 3D locations that will provide you with hours of fun. Try it, you will surely love it!!!
The Real shooting Fps strike game has a settings interface to control music volume, sound volume, screen sensitivity, and there is also an auto-shoot option. This option will help you kill enemies without even hitting the fire button; as enemies approach, your weapon will fire and kill enemies in the mission.


  • Intelligent artificial intelligence system of enemies
  • Minimal data usage
  • Exciting FPS gameplay
  • Smooth control
  • Amazing animations
  • 3d effects
  • Advanced weapons
  • New maps and exciting missions


Movement – WASD
Fire – left mouse button.
Approach – right mouse button. Jump – space bar.
Lock cursor – L.
Crouch – C.
Reload – R.