Squid Gun Fest

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Squid Gun Fest Squid Gun Fest

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Squid Gun Fest Game


SQUID GUN FEST is a squid-themed game. It is a very exciting and addictive game! The essence of the game is simple. But to stop after the first level – it is impossible! You will want to play more and more!
Increase your weapons, performing various operations, and destroy Squid Game’s employees that get in your way! Sometimes a killer puppet may appear in the game, and you must increase your weapons as much as possible to destroy it. You must shoot and destroy obstacles to reach your goal. When you reach the final line, you can get the proceeds by destroying the robber’s car. With the money you earn you can buy new weapons. Start the game now with endless levels and 6 different weapons. Have fun!


Use your mouse or touchpad to play this game.