Squid Mission Hunter Online

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Squid Mission Hunter Online Squid Mission Hunter Online

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Squid Mission Hunter Online Game


SQUID MISSION HUNTER ONLINE is the perfect game for squid fans. If you want to get power over everyone, you can do it in this game.
Here, just like in the movie, the participants regretted their participation and decided to try to escape from the game by breaking the rules, but they remained trapped on the island with the only way to hide! You’ll have to make sure that no participant escapes! The whole point of the game is for you to control the participants’ hunter so that they are all in place. Aim and shoot to catch the characters and capture them on the ship. Catching all the participants is not easy, but you can attract them by tossing coins and getting them to come out of their hiding places!!!


Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and shoot at targets Tap the screen on mobile devices.


Have fun with this new game and enjoy many hours of fun.