Super Spy Agent 46

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Super Spy Agent 46 Super Spy Agent 46

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Super Spy Agent 46 Game


SUPER SPY AGENT 46 is a very exciting game for real action fans! The main character is Agent 46, he is a clone and an assassin.
We all know Agent 47, but in this game he is more deadly, louder and much more than just a beast. He gets his name from being the 46th clone, created from the DNA of five different people who were designed to be perfect spies, able to maintain physical fitness and intelligence for years, while being easily controlled by whoever they were loyal to, usually the handler. When it comes to capturing hordes of enemies. Agent 46 becomes ferocious and behaves unpredictably. It’s not hard to get into the role of Agent 46! Try it and you’ll love it!


Touch controls for mobile devices Take aim –
Press the up button to jump. Press blue Shift/C Activate time Slo-Mo Enter/E Enter or exit the vehicle Esc/P Pause M Mute


Controls from the keyboard:
WASD/Arrows Move Mouse Aim Spacebar/J Jump or climb or drift LMB/Z Fire RMB/X Grenade or trigger MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapons A Jump / climb / drift Right trigger/shoulder/X Fire Left trigger/shoulder/B Grenade or trigger Left/Right button Shift button Activate time Slo-Mo Y Enter/Exit