Warfare Area 2

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Warfare Area 2 Warfare Area 2

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Warfare Area 2 Game


WARFARE AREA 2 is a survival game. This game is for fans of scary spectacles and shooters. Do you want to get a sea of emotions and unforgettable sensations?
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You are the main character, who has to fight off various enemies. Your arsenal will be a lot of weapons.
Your task is to destroy all the enemies in the area. Take your rifle and get ready for battle. But be careful and save your strength, because the enemy is strong! Shoot the enemies, collect medical supplies and try to survive this war.


Computer: Arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move your character. Mouse – turn the character, aim and shoot. L – lock the pointer. R – reload. P – pause. Mobile: Use on-screen joystick to move, fire button to shoot, tap and drag on the right side of the screen to aim and rotate the character.